Small things #5

  • I received Grandma Jane’s rocking recliner today. She and Grandpa Bob (who died a couple months ago) bought it a little more than a year before Grandma Jane died. It still smells like their house.
  • My parents came to visit my brother and me.
  • We ate out at Teppanyaki and leisurely chatted for a couple hours there.
  • Afterwards, we spent the evening relaxing in my apartment. Although my dad was watching football, I enjoyed their company. Although I detest sports, the background news of a sports game comforts me because it reminds me of times spent with family.
  • Being a college student, I didn’t have anything to fix for supper, but I was able to make coffee for my mom and I (Dad declined). I even swirled whip cream over it (my favorite thing I learned from working at McDonald’s for four years). I love playing happy hostess.
  • I lit my Yankee Candle candles, one of which was Danish Buttercream Cookies (which — to date — is my favorite Yankee Candle scent EVER). Every time the heat turns on, it wafts the scent through my entire apartment and smells deliciously spicy for a week each time I come home .
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