One down, four more to finish

The sun is hiding, the rain is obnoxious and the stress is high. It must be Finals’ Week on the Ball State campus.

My first project for this week is a fun one about a person I have an infinite amount of access to for more information: me.

When searching for inspiration, I used my Pinterest pins to create an overall “me” design. I collected two subjects that I felt described my personality best: balloons and poppies. My reason behind choosing these items was a statement that I had written to keep me grounded in my overall mood for the design.

I enjoy the simple things in life such as balloons, flowers, birds singing, cartoons and kittens.

And yes, I even watched a few YouTube videos of kittens to shape my mood further. I enjoyed the following classics the most:

I have a painting of poppies in my living room that have inspired a recent affection for the flower. I love how they appear so playful, colorful and gorgeous without trying hard. So I decided to use them as the main art for my design.

As a newspage designer, I have a deep affection for typography. I created a more simple illustration of poppies and shades of grey so that they would compliment the type.


As an avid player of The Sims franchise since the fifth grade, I instantly resorted to using The Sims 3’s list of traits for sims. College is all about growing up and understanding one’s self. I have learned to utilize my strengths: passion and being a workaholic. And I have learned to acknowledge my faults: being a heavy sleeper, a worrier and hot-tempered. This inspired me to create my favorite part of the interactive:

It’s a quasi-word cloud of all my traits. While playing around with animations in InDesign CS5, I discovered one labeled “bounce vertical.” I couldn’t resist, so I used it on my list of traits/identifiers. The result was a jumbled pile of words nested by the poppies I illustrated. Très magnifique, what say you?

Don’t forget to see my interactive in action!

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