Holy smokes, I have my own domain!

I purchased a domain through Dreamhost yesterday! Commence excitement now …

I have a collection of more than 100 photos on my computer at home that I will be using as inspiration for my new website. I look at them for examples of typography usage, color schemes, illustrations, layout and navigation. The pictures above are a few examples from my work computer.

I’ll be honest with you. I previously thought that designing my own website would be a daunting, unenjoyable task (referencing to the coding aspect, here). However, after searching for a few free WordPress themes, installing a few and playing with the coding … I feel nerdishly excited about this new project.

I am the type of person who, after learning something new, gets instantly excited and can’t wait to learn more. For instance, I learned how to knit from Ball State’s Knitting and Crocheting Club during my freshman year of college. I was so enthusiastic about practicing new techniques (and because I discovered that I knit old-school style with the Continental method) that I knitted most of that night. The next morning I woke up at 8 a.m. to get ready for class and discovered that Ball State canceled classes due to thigh-high snow accumulation. Instead of going back to sleep like a true college kid … I knitted.

To top it off, I’m a creature of habit. This means that I not only like to park in the same spot every day, but that I also like to practice things well enough that I either dream about it or become more BAMF at multi-tasking.

So I can’t wait to learn more about coding, HTML5, CSS, etc.

While waiting for a good time to start this process, I accumulated quite a bit of reference sources, eBooks and inspiration for learning how to create my own website. So I plan to spend most of my time reading them on my patio and basking in the wonderful outdoors until I move to Minnesota in June.


For my fellow aspiring web designers, here are the articles and eBooks that I will be reading

How to create a powerful CMS with WordPress
HTML5 Rocks ( whole website dedicated to learning and experimenting with HTML5)
Usability and CSS3 columns
Coding an HTML5 website from scratch
Create an elegant website using HTML5 and CSS3
Code a one-page portfolio with HTML5 and CSS3
HTML5 and CSS3: The Techniques you’ll soon be using
Designing a blog with HTML5
Webguru eBook

HTML5 cheat sheets

Smashing Magazine
Woork Up
Nihilogic (on canvas)

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