What kept me busy during the past 2 months

For now, I will keep this post short merely because I am so excited to finally have it finished, I want to share it with others ASAP and some time spent with my friends is in need.

This semester I took a class on magazine design. The project? Create an entire 24-page magazine. I designed three advertisements for it, basing them off of the product’s current branding (TJ Maxx, Dove chocolate and Yankee Candle). I also wrote the story for the eight-page feature, and I nerdishly added four pages to my magazine because I wanted to include more departments such as ones that I find interesting when I read magazines.

I will update this post later this week with information on my reasonings behind the design, content and target audience. I will also mention likes and dislikes about the end result. But for now, enjoy!

Click here to view Lease magazine!


I apologize if it’s too large to view as a whole on your screen. I know it’s too big for my 15-inch laptop, and it was OK on BSU campus’ colossal-sized screens. Once I have access to Adobe InDesign CS5 (since I have CS3), I will resize it so that it is more easily viewable as a whole for smaller screens.

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