Inspiration is everywhere

During an odd moment while I was perusing the channel guide on my TV and actually found nothing of interest currently on, I began watching past episodes of HGTV’s Design Star.

Although disappointed because I hoped this show would be more about print designers, I am still intrigued by it. Watching other designers under scrutiny while they diligently work is fascinating. It’s a great eye-opener to some of the intricacies of the design process — the effort a designer takes into planning, visualizing, etc.

The biggest thing that stood out to me was that I noticed a common theme among the episodes. Inspiration can come from anything! It can be as simple as an instrument or an article of clothing!

HGTV's Design Star

In episode 2 of HGTV's Design Star, the designers' objective was to decorate an apartment according to outfits.

This furthers my intrigue with collecting any form of inspiration that I find aesthetically pleasing or inspiring. It’s hard to collect layouts from different newspaper publications due to cost and location. Last summer I subscribed to six magazines (Glamour, Lucky, Vogue, Real Simple, InStyle and Rolling Stone) in hope of learning more about magazine design. Unfortunately for me, my school year was too busy to keep up with reading them all. Fortunately for me, my summer schedule now provides me with a relaxing pace to read them at leisure.

I read in Computer Arts magazine once that a designer’s studio should be full of items that keep the creative juices flowing. So my plan for the inspirations I find is to create a collage on my living room wall of layouts, advertisements and anything else I may find. Hopefully the “construction” will begin soon.

My message to readers is to take a tip from Design Star and be inspired by everything — architecture, clothing, instruments, furniture or even hair!

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