Now that I have a wireless router, my first web-surfing past-time consists of looking up fantastic design blogs to follow for inspiration and entertainment.

The amazing rainbow Jell-OA good blog I found? Swissmiss. I like that Tina Roth Eisenberg categorizes her entries. So if you like the day’s find, it’s easy to view more. For example, try rainbows. And yes, that’s rainbow Jell-O. That’s simply amazing in itself!

Another blog that I found is TheDieline.com: Package Design. I have always admired products with beautiful illustrations and a crisp presentation. What better to draw a customer to a product than great package design? Get lost with these wondrous creations: One Village CoffeeTeapot and Love & Toast.

One Village Coffee, courtesy of TheDieLine.com: Package DesignI love the design of One Village Coffee! Although Starbucks-esque, the cute drawings remind me of kawaii Japanese illustrations. This package design makes me thirsty for a nice cup of iced coffee…with white mocha, por favor!

Teapot, courtesy of TheDieline.com: Package DesignI’m not much of a tea drinker, but I love the package design for Teapot. I would love to bring these cute cups to work! If only there were reusable versions of these!

Love & Toast, courtesy of TheDieline.com: Package DesignLove & Toast reminds me of makeup brands sold in Ulta. Much cheaper brands can be found in stores like Target and Walmart, but do many of those brands come well-presented with these gorgeous, well-thought-out illustrations? I don’t think so.

"California Girls" by Katy Perry, featuring Snoop DoggLastly, I want to mention another find. I saw Katy Perry’s new video for “California Girls” a few weeks ago. It’s a recreation of a game I am sure we all played as a child at least once, Candy Land! The first time I saw this, I was in awe. The creativity and imagination it must have taken to create this video is amazing, and it is so well done! Despite some of its raunchiness — I mean, it is Katy Perry we are talking about — I must recommend watching it. Prepare to be amazed!

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